Key Takeaways

Decreased developer time spent on email by 70% with Connect

Executive Summary

To better communicate with a wide variety of customers, PromoFarma leverages Sendwithus Connect database integration to shorten time-to-market and deliver personalized content based on previous behaviours for all email campaigns.


With global expansion goals this year and a wide product catalog of beauty, health, baby products and more, the PromoFarma team needs to improve their email workflow to reduce churn in order to gain market share in an highly competitive environment.

Competition is fierce due to the breadth of options for customers, both online and locally, as pharmacies are independently owned in Spain.


PromoFarma implemented a new email solution in late 2016: the Sendwithus email platform along with Jetlore for product recommendations. The combination of a platform that allows the marketers to easily manage email campaigns.

Sendwithus’ direct database connection, and Jetlore’s product recommendation engine has been crucial to the growth of their email program.

Using Connect to Create Segments

Database insight is made easy with Mode Analytics, which enables PromoFarma’s team to easily write SQL queries. Once a query is written, it then is copied into Sendwithus once and used infinite times.

The Results

Personalized product recommendation emails based on past purchase history increased number of repeat purchases, and product interactions for favorited categories.

Further Findings

In addition to better email performance, the PromoFarma team has achieved invaluable process improvements by using analytics to quickly query advanced segments directly within the database and send personalized emails through Sendwithus Connect.

For future innovation, PromoFarma’s team looks to expand across Europe using more advanced segments based upon multiple dimensions.