Segment with real-time data, personalize any field, and automate targeted campaigns that drive conversions

Stay Up-to-Date

Your users aren’t just data, they’re people, and people change. Stay current with a direct connection between your data warehouse and your email platform. Stale, out-of-date data resulting in irrelevant email content is a thing of the past.

Lists are for chimps

Never again wait for your data team to send over a CSV. Never again wait for that same CSV to upload to your email platform. Instead, use a simple query to target users based on live data and send immediately.

You Have the Data — Use It

Personalization is more than just $FIRST_NAME$, $LAST_NAME$. It’s using everything you know about your customer to craft the optimal email experience. Create targeted segments based on site activity, past purchases, wish lists, social engagement, support tickets, and more.

Let Connect Improve Your Email Strategy

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