Drip Campaigns

Multiple Emails in a Timed Series


Your customers receive a Welcome email when they sign up, but that’s just the first step in your onboarding process. Onboarding campaigns gently introduce your customers to your product and features. Learn more about different onboarding campaign techniques in our Guide to Onboarding Campaigns.

Customer Feedback

Email is a great way to ask customers for feedback or reviews. A common example is sending a Net Promoter Score survey after a successful transaction, which is a great way to measure customer loyalty. Learn more about setting up your own NPS survey with our guide and templates.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Abandoned carts occur when a customer gets close to purchasing but then drops off. Sending personalized emails afterward can significantly increase customer conversions; in fact, nearly 50% of abandoned cart emails are opened, and a third of those can lead to a purchase.

Benefits of using sendwithus

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