Startup Slam!

We love sharing knowledge with students! Last Fall (2014), Sendwithus joined forces with Kiind, Tiny Mob Games, Kano Apps, and Pretio Interactive for tech talks at the University of Victoria’s Engineering Department. It was awesome. Check out the slides from the event below. Stay tuned for Startup Slam 2015!


Sendwithus explains how they built their first product demo. Explore key technologies that can get your startup running while writing as little code as possible. Sendwithus is a San Francisco based startup. Its engineering team is in Victoria, British Columbia, where the company was founded. Sendwithus is a graduate of Y Combinator (W14).

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Kano Apps

Kano Apps discusses the future of HTML5, and what it means for cross-platform game development. Going over topics such as performance, market reach, and rapid deployment. Kano Apps is based in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Pretio Interactive

Pretio walks through the technology behind a simple app that hooks into real-time events from Pretio's infrastructure and visualizes them on a map.

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Tiny Mob Games

Tiny Mob Games talks about video game performance and the challenges of shoving a big game on a small device. Tiny Mob Games is a Victoria-based gaming startup who launched their debut game Tiny Realms in 2014.

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Kiind discusses Cryptography and how they use encryption and digital signatures to protect our infrastructure from brute force attacks and non malicious high load.

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