Free your Emails from source code.

Transactional emails matter. Your users are 4x more likely to open and click a transactional email than a marketing campaign. But updating them is a pain, and often requires both developers and designers to get involved. Sendwithus fixes that by putting you in control of everything.

A/B Testing built-in

Every detail matters. Even minor changes to a subject line can have significant impact on how often an email is opened. With sendwithus, marketers can quickly test new ideas and content. It's easy to do, doesn't require a developer, and you'll start seeing results in minutes.

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Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a great way to send automated followups to your customers and Sendwithus makes it really easy to get going. Your team can create and control drip campaigns from within the Sendwithus dashboard without involving any developers or writing any code.

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Powerful Analytics right out of the box

Ever wonder who's opening your welcome emails, but not clicking through? Want to know what links in your payment notifications matter the most? sendwithus lets marketers connect email analytics to real customers, and quickly see who received which emails when, whether the email was successfully delivered, opened, and even which links were clicked.

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Email lists are for chimps. Living segments keep up with your users. Built in-app or via our API, user segments make sure you're sending the right emails to the right people at the right time.

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Built-in Translation

Take the pain out of Internationalization by sending your templates straight from our built-in editor to our translation partner. With Smartling integration, you can make sure everyone on your list gets the right email in the right language, without all the hassle.

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Litmus Device Testing

Preview your email on 40+ email clients at the touch of a button so you can spot errors and rest easier.

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More Features

CSS Inlined Automatically At Send Time

What's CSS Inlining? Well, because email clients are a little bit finicky about which css rules they want to support, it becomes difficult to ensure that your beautiful email is going to look great everywhere.

By applying your CSS styles on each individual element, we maximize email client compatibility.

Managing your CSS can be a pain, that's why we inline automatically at send time. This makes your life easier, as you can manage the css for an email template in the <head> and never have to manually "compile" or inline a template yourself.

Template Snippets

Your current email templates probably all share some common parts; like a header, footer, and maybe a CSS block.

With Sendwithus template snippets, you can define a block of HTML or CSS code, and then dynamically include them into your email templates. Only when a template is sent as an email will the Snippet be included.

Whenever you update a Snippet, every template that uses that snippet will be updated as well! This makes Snippets a great way to have a standard header and footer, and combined with automatic css inlining Snippets make updating the styling in all of your templates effortless.

Finally, Snippets are dynamic, just like a regular sendwithus email template. That means your Snippet can contain variables, conditional logic, and even loop through complex lists.

Email Inbox View

Your support team has probably been talking to customers who are complaining about an email. But your support team can't view the email in your customers inbox.

On certain sendwithus tiers, the final email will be stored on a secure server, and be viewable through the sendwithus dashboard. This means you can view the email as the customer would, with all dynamic data fully merged in.

Resend Emails with a Button

Sometimes a customer complains they just didn't get an email; it happens, SMTP isn't perfect. But for you to resend that email would require some kind of customer backend code.

With sendwithus, approved users can resend any email directly from the dashboard. So the next time a customer complains, you can respond to their request immediately.

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