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Awesome Hosted E-Mail Templates

Hosted email templates finally solve the problem of marketing wanting control, but having to rely on developers. Our template system is built so that marketing can control email content, and engineering can trust your important transactional email is never broken. We have built-in safeguards so you can never break an email, and an easy editor for non-techies to make simple changes, outside of source code!

Even better, we can help with responsive email templates.

Super-Duper Powerful Analytics

It's fine to understand, in aggregate, how many transactional emails you're sending, but if you want to get serious about email you need to understand which customers are engaging with which emails. You can dig in and get view an individual customers email history, or zoom out and see which customers clicked on your welcome email on a given day.

A/B Testing Baked In

Hosted templates and awesome analytics weren't enough, so we made it incredibly easy for your marketing team to setup A/B tests for every transactional email you send. This powerful tool can be used to increase user engagement in notification emails, or directly drive revenue through optimized dunning and subscription expiry emails.

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