What is Sendwithus?

Sendwithus is a platform designed to allow whole teams – designers, marketers, and developers – to work together smoothly on beautiful and complex emails. It offers all the tools you need to manage content and automation plus powerful analytics to track the true value of every email sent.


Email marketing startup Sendwithus is announcing that it has raised $2.3 million in additional seed funding... Read more

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Sendwithus aims to bring optimization and A/B testing to marketers and anyone else sending out targeted... Read more


The Sendwithus solution enables Mimeo’s Marketing team to quickly maximize the impact of our transaction emails, which include localized branding of communications to Mimeo’s global client base. The Sendwithus solution makes the Mimeo team flexible, while operating in multiple countries around the world.

Sean Doherty - Director of E-commerce, Mimeo

We are really trying to use drip campaigns to help educate our customer base on the full value proposition of Speek… it takes sometime to change user behavior and the emails we send are a key component to that.

Matt Turner - CTO, Speek

Transactional emails are important to keep people engaged, both when playing on and contributing to CodeCombat. And, it took just about no time to set up the Sendwithus API.

Scott Erickson - CodeCombat

Sendwithus unlocks potential for testing that is largely ignored by the marketing industry.

Christian Croft - Co-founder, uSell

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