Amazingly Useful Email Resources

From our team, to yours. Because email is hard.

Creating a Pre-Order Campaign that Doesn't Suck

Taking pre-orders for a Kickstarter, crowdfunding, or even a SaaS beta can seem deceptively easy. What’s so difficult about collecting a few email addresses, and then letting folks know when your product is ready? Oh boy.

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Open Source Email Templates

We work closely with our customers to build amazingly responsive templates for every email occasion.
These templates are now available for free through our
Open Source Email Templates Project (learn more).

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How to Send Email Like a Startup

Check out our step-by-step-guide to maximizing the impact of your emails. With strategies and examples for every phase of the customer lifecycle.

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State of the Email Stack

A warm and fluffy introduction to the many layers that make up a modern, full-stack email solution.

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Bulletproof Email Components

We've created a library of HTML components that look great in all email clients, everytime. No more fiddling with tables and inline CSS. We provide battle-tested code snippets for some of the more common components used in email templates.

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Email Layout Generator

Our email design team created this super simple, easy to use table layout generator for column-based emails. We use it every time we start a new template project, and you should too :)

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CSS Inliner

Popular email clients like Gmail strip out style tags that are located in the HTML head element. In order to retain the design style of your template, you must inline your CSS. Use the same exact CSS Inliner that you see in the Sendwithus Template Editor.

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Gmail Size Test

Did you know GMail (Google Mail) will cut off your email if it's longer than 102kb? We've built a handy tool that let's you paste in your email HTML and find out if it's too big!

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