Responsive Email Templates

Customers are on their phones, tablets, and laptops.
Make sure your email can respond.

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What are responsive email templates?

Responsive email templates are designed so that they can be read comfortably on a small phone or a full sized desktop computer. To accomplish this, the email responds to the size of the screen, and displays slightly different content.

How does sendwithus help?

We've got you covered, twice. Every sendwithus template is responsive by default, meaning it's absolutely zero work for you to start sending great, responsive emails. We've also got an email design team dedicated to helping our customers perfect their email, and that includes converting all your existing templates into responsive templates.

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iPhone, Android, and Tablet Optimized Email

It's incredibly important that you're able to target the devices that your customers are using to read your email. Imagine what would be possible if you could target your users with device specific information, in your email.