Built for Collaboration

Improve team collaboration with template folders, allowing users to work on multiple campaigns simultaneously. Take control of your workflow with user-specific access permissions, from read-only to admin. Easily manage templates, assets, and users from the in-app dashboard.

Share templates and reusable code-snippets — for elements like headers, footers, and navigation — to ensure consistent branding across all teams

Preview each email on multiple devices directly within the app, to make sure it’s pixel-perfect before sending to your customers

Collaborate internationally with localization and translation support to reach global segments

Personalized Emails at Scale

Target content based on user-specific behaviours and engage customers with highly personalized emails. Not only will you send the right message to the right person at the right time, you’ll also streamline workflow management.

Send triggered, scheduled, or impromptu email to deliver personalized messages at key points in the user journey.

A/B test content and design for both transactional and marketing emails to improve engagement and increase ROI.

Use test results to optimize email content and make the most of every interaction.

Integrates With

Advanced Segmentation On Live Data

Build advanced segments to get a real-time view of your user lifecycle. Move beyond simple personalization to customize every email with behavior-based dynamic content that drives engagement.

Sendwithus Connect

Personalize emails based on website, social, app, product, and email interactions, in addition to demographic data, to better meet the needs of your customers.

Empower marketing teams to edit, personalize, and send emails without relying on either developer resources or stale data from CSV reports.