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Leverage the power of the open source template engine Jinja

Basic Templating Features

Feature Sendwithus SendGrid SparkPost
Variable Replacement
View in Browser Link
Plain-text Templating
Default Values
Builtin Macros/Filters
Nested Data Objects
Full Subject Line Templating
Pre-Header Templating
Unlimited Templates
Date Support
Number Formatting
Merge Customer Data
Formatting Tables

Workflows and Testing

Feature Sendwithus SendGrid SparkPost
Draft and “Publish” Templates
Unlimited Versions of a Template
A/B Testing of Templates
Test mode for Staging changes
Template Folders
Template Tags
Automatic CSS Inlining at send time
Live Preview with Data
Instant Device Testing
User Permissions to Control Access
Set Templates “Read Only”

Advanced Templating

Feature Sendwithus SendGrid SparkPost
Built in Variables (ex: recipient email)
Image Upload and Hosting
User Defined Macros
Snippets or Template Includes
Localization (date, time, currency)
Built in Translation (i18n)
Version History (roll back changes)
Automatic UTM Codes
Template Specifc Sender/From
Automatic Plain-text Generation