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Email Templates Solved

Manage all of your templates from one place. Perfect your emails without deploying code and preview them with our Litmus integration.

Create Data-driven Emails

More than just $FirstName$, $LastName$, our Template Engine empowers you to personalize email with any data you have.

Own Your Email UX

Whether it’s via API or Sendwithus Connect, you can always send the right email to the right person at the right time.

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Transform the way your company sends Email.

Our easy-to-use platform allows marketing teams and developers to collaborate seamlessly and effectively.

Marketers can focus on optimizing campaigns without touching code or tying up dev resources.


Connect directly to your data warehouse to power your campaigns. Say goodbye to CSV uploads and stale customer data.

Easily test copy, swap images, ensure brand consistency and more. All through a beautifully intuitive dashboard.

Sendwithus easily integrates with your existing email provider

Integrate with your ESP quickly and effortlessly and start sending better email today.

Nice things our customers have said about us  πŸ’•

"Sendwithus and Mailgun give me everything I need to quickly create, test, and monitor every aspect of my email campaigns, from AB testing and drip campaigns, to domain performance and deliverability. Their customer service is also incredibly responsive. It's like having an entire team of experts in our office!"

Sofie, Growth Marketing Specialist

"Sendwithus' team is incredibly responsive, and simply know their stuff. Their sales team, their support team, their CEO & all of them not only know their product, but they know email, they know marketing, and they know growth."

Alli, Head of Growth Marketing

"With Sendwithus we can optimize our emails without involving engineers, enabling us to iterate faster. The product is easy to use and they have great support for when we need it."

Stephen, Product Manager

"I love Sendwithus. Gamechanger."

Tyler, Head of Product and Growth

"It was so easy to set up I could almost forget about it – our marketing dept has taken over and I haven't had to touch code since I integrated."

Charles, CTO

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