The easiest way to send email from your application.

A simple API and Dashboard to manage and optimize emails sent by your application to your customers.

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Email is a powerful part
of your customer experience.

Your product speaks to customers through email.
Notifications, Invitations, and Payment Receipts
are critical to your user experience.

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Our Customers Love Us

"With Sendwithus we can optimize our emails without involving engineers, enabling us to iterate faster. The product is easy to use and they have great support for when we need it."

Stephen W,

Iterate and optimize quickly without deploying code.

Run A/B tests, build drip campaigns, tweak subject lines
whenever you want - no developers required.

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"It was so easy to setup I could almost forget about it – our marketing dept has taken over and I haven't had to touch code since I integrated."

Charles P,

Get up and running quickly.

Integrate directly with your email service provider.

It's easy to setup and free to get started.

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