A/B Testing for your email

Optimize everything with A/B Testing

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, also know as Split Testing, means testing multiple variants of something simultaneously. Each time a transactional e-mail is sent, a random variant is selected to be delivered to the recipient. Using events such as an open or click, sendwithus can determine which variant saw the most engagement.

What can you A/B test in an email?

The most popular things to test are the subject line, headings, and the call-to-action. Using sendwithus, you can easily test these, as well as things like the From Name or the color and size of text and buttons. If you're seeing low engagement with one of your transactional emails, you need to A/B test it.

Get results quickly

Getting this all up and running on your own could take forever; with sendwithus you can create an A/B test in just minutes.
Once your test is setup, you'll be able to watch the results in real time, and quickly pick a winning variant, or tweak your test.

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