Customer Segmentation

An Easy Way To Find & Target Your Most Valuable Customers

Find the Customers that
Matter Most to your Business

We give you a simple way to ask questions about your customer data.

Sort your user by behavior. Find customers based on spending habits,
opens & clicks, location, age, and so on. Then, filter out and target the users
that matter most. Just tell us who you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.

Find Customers Who...

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Say Goodbye to Email Lists

Your Segments grow & shrink based on your customer’s behavior.

Think of Customer Segments as living email lists that are updated as your customers move through your sales funnel. New users need different messaging than returning customers. Segmentation lets you define and target specific groups of users without creating a new list.

Targeted Email Made Easy

Send personalized email with a single click.

Dynamic data makes your emails more relevant and more helpful for your customers. Personalize your emails with dynamic data using our Email Template Engine, then send to your segment from right inside the Segmentation dashboard.

No Coding Required

Filter through your customer data
easily using natural language.

Save Customer Segments

Build segments and save them
for later. You can reference them
and send to them at anytime.

Export to .CSV

Export your segmented email list to a
.CSV to use them anywhere.

Start using Segmentation today

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