What is sendwithus?

Sendwithus is an API to send emails to your customers.
Your application triggers an email - Sendwithus renders and delivers it through your ESP.

1. Your product, service, or app triggers an API call to Sendwithus. Setup your email templates

2. Sendwithus renders your email for delivery. use the API to send emails

3. We deliver the email to your ESP and your email gets sent. Update your email templates

How does it work?

Sendwithus integrates seamlessly with your favorite Email Service Provider.
Setup your templates, connect your ESP, and use our simple API to start sending emails.

Setup your
email templates.

Use the API to send
email to your customers.

Update templates
whenever you want. Easy!

Email Delivery Partners

Our API makes it easy to
send templated emails.

Trigger emails directly from your
application with a single API call.

Read the Docs

curl \
    -X POST \
    -u swu_key_582cc75cc64f6d7ea0db: \
    -d '{
        "template": "swu_email_emWvGb6pH",
        "recipient": {
            "address": "docs@sendwithus.com"
        "template_data": {
            "first_name": "Developer Extraordinaire",
            "link_url": "https://www.sendwithus.com",
            "items": ["an array item", "another item"]
    }' \

Update templates
whenever you want.

Stop waiting for developers to edit and deploy updates.
Manage and edit your templates all in one place.

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It's easy to setup and free to get started.

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